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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lastest update on portfolio

It's been some time not coming back to write something, I have been thinking of what to learn after graduated from MBA. Stock investment has increase steadily recently as I reorganize my portfolio after paying differential amount for my first house.

Among the changes to my portfolio is as below:
i. Dispose Supermax after a fire destroy the quarter report at RM2.8.
ii. Add in Prlerxus 7200 units at RM1.13.
iii. Add in Opensys 18000 units at RM0.225
iv. Add in Presbhd 1000 units at RM3.5
v. Add in Liihen 4200 units at RM1.9.
 The only mistake so far was Liihen where it failed to continue the uptrend although other furniture counter already shoot up quite high. Its definitely quite bad luck when it suddenly announce a fire broke out again in the subsidiary. Will see how next week.

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