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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Lastest update on portfolio

It's been some time not coming back to write something, I have been thinking of what to learn after graduated from MBA. Stock investment has increase steadily recently as I reorganize my portfolio after paying differential amount for my first house.

Among the changes to my portfolio is as below:
i. Dispose Supermax after a fire destroy the quarter report at RM2.8.
ii. Add in Prlerxus 7200 units at RM1.13.
iii. Add in Opensys 18000 units at RM0.225
iv. Add in Presbhd 1000 units at RM3.5
v. Add in Liihen 4200 units at RM1.9.
 The only mistake so far was Liihen where it failed to continue the uptrend although other furniture counter already shoot up quite high. Its definitely quite bad luck when it suddenly announce a fire broke out again in the subsidiary. Will see how next week.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Watch out your trading fees

With KLCI achieving new high everyday, I am sure it catches a lot attention. More people from all walk of lifes will get into stock market. Buying in at new high May be a bad idea as you never know whether its peak or not. It's always better to avoid buying in at overbought stage that can be determine using some technical indicators such as RSI more than 70 or touching above the upper bollinger bands and etc. I will prefer momentum trading that need to trade more frequent compare to buy and hold. Thus, trading fee is a major issue. The few trades I made recently charge me few hundreds that reduce my profit margin. Therefore I switch from normal plan that charge 0.42% or minimum RM12 to Trade Beyond that only charge 0.1% or minimum RM8. The 0.32% difference definitely make a lot difference.

To buy a house or not

It's been some time not writing over here as I have been busy handling my house loan. Although Fed is going to reduce QE soon, I have waited long enough to decide buying my own house. Still remember 4 years ago when I started working, double stories terrace intermediate was just around Rm300k and it was just 1km away from my current home. Now the house I bought in cost me Rm378k and it's 13km away. Not only smaller but also much further and expensive. With everything rising price now, inflation is everywhere.

By buying the house, I will end up finish my saving and investment capital accumulated this four years. It's also good for me to start from zero again as I am still young. Next year have to save more money and look for opportunity to increase my income.

With crazy bull around, I manage to get another 2 thousands through Supermax but also encounter loses in Airasia after cut lose at 2.46. Luckily sold yeelee at 1.33 that I bought in 1.24 but again lose in Supermax CO when I accidentally cut lose at0.285 with average bought in price at 0.3. These few trades overall just made me 1 thousand plus.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Up up down down

Market is expected to be highly fluctuated with a lot negative news around. The first we will see will be another round of US debt ceiling that is going to happen on 1 October. The last similar event took place two years ago and market really showed some big discount. Therefore I did not buy much recently. The only deal is  buying in 2000units of Airasia at RM2.61 after FED announce QE will be continued. It did rise till RM2.74 before dropping back again to RM2.6 level. The reason I bought in Airasia is to hedge against my Supermax taking advantage of US dollar depreciation since FED continue to print money. Airasia will be benefited if Ringgit getting strong while Supermax will be good if Ringgit depreciated. Will stick to this two stocks in the mean times since have no idea on the outcome in October. Saving more bullet to prepare for some real correction, hope this time is for real.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Lock in profit

With the US senate approve Syria war on last Wednesday night, I quickly sold off Airasia at RM2.61 on Thursday morning anticipating more conflict to come as Syria war is a sensitive international issue. My guess was right when Russia presiden voice against US by supporting Syria. This will definitely going to be very huge impact to the stock market if US still go on with the strike. This again can cause a panic selling and will be a good entry to catch a rebound later on.

Besides Airasia, I also lock in profit for 2500 units Supermax at RM2.75 on Thursday because RSI already more than 70 meaning its highly over bought this few days. Left 2500 units to see whether it can still continue with the rally as the situation is benefiting the company. Continue collecting cash to anticipate for more market fluctuation. My strategy is to catch rebound by looking for good fundamental company that strike RSI below 30. I think RSI and MACD is really useful tool for short term investment. Good luck and let see how is the market next week.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

It can be a disaster but also an opportunity

With bad news flooding the market from QE tapering till the lastest of possible war in Syria, we can easily observe negative news from all source of media. Of course when normal people like us receive the news, market already show the require changes. The use of biological weapon in Syria is nothing new but when US announce of taking punishment action, market suddenly alert about this threat. The first changes after market start to slide, price of crude oil and gold start to shoot up. Together with foreign selling pressure, the drop in last week was really quite pretty.

Many margin user did receive margin call but it didn't get serious until force selling happen. However, the bearish market did not persist until the weekend because the local institutional did some window dressing since this weekend is our independence day. With the panic selling happened last week, now is the technical rebound stage. Whether this trend continue or not will depend on whether Syria war really occur in next week.

With UK stepping down from participating in the war, I bought in 20lots  Airasia in anticipating for a rebound at RM2.55 while I sold off 20 lots of Supermax at RM2.35 after nothing much changes even though the quarter result is great. I contra 30 lots of Yeelee at RM1.17 that I bought at RM1.12 on last Tuesday and earn around RM110 after deducting the trading charges. I am getting ready to ride the wave and will definately anticipate more wave coming.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Another wave coming soon

Before last Tuesday, everything in KLSE seem normal. All of sudden, selling volume increase tremendously. I manage to sell off Cscstel at 1.32 and Marco at 0.155 to increase my cash position and gain around RM180 after deducting trading charges. However, I did a mistake of adding 20 lots Supermax at 2.4 increasing my average price to Rm2.195. This make me hesitate on Thursday to increase my position at RM2.22 when panic selling happen again.

 I will keep Supermax since its quarter report should be out by next week. Hopefully the result will be great since US dollar appreaciate a lot and rubber price has been stable all this while. Demand also increases as I observed there are quite a lot outbreak of bird flu around the world including Mers in Saudi Arab, H7N9 in China, H1N5 in Cambodia, H1N1 in India and flu season is coming in US from October to May.

FED's minute on last Friday did not mention much of QE tapering so I would expect there will be another round of panic selling around 17 and 18 September. For the mean time, we may observe technically rebound and the one thing I wanna make sure is whether foreign shareholders will sell again. So far this had happen to Indonesia, Thailand and Filiphine, it just unknown when is Malaysia's turn. Therefore, I get ready my bullet and also buy myself a new gadget Samsung S4 as a reward for myself.